Crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove

Welcome to a newly themed blog site! I was feeling a bit uninspired and wanted a change… I hope you like! Should be a bit more user friendly… Still thinking though. Any suggestions welcome :-).

Back to business, to the life of a humble backpacker, arriving into Darwin the first thing I did was drop my bag at my hostel. Putting the overspill into my rucksack (having left Melbourne with space I blame my apparent bad packing), so heavier than it should be, taking it off I managed to break a strap off… Making that broken rucksack number 4, or possibly 5 (i've lost count!) ironically after fixing another backpack, resigned I went in search of a travel sewing kit. Sustenance on the brain, I sourced my first sushi in a good wee while! Arriving into my six bed dorm, I was met with four Estonians! The first on my travels, a novel accent, not understanding anything, the only word I caught was 'bedbugs'… (a universal word in all backpacker languages!) I certainly understood that one! Itchy already…! Aiming for a relatively inexpensive week, back on the filled pasta, easy, quick and tasty, it is a backpackers best friend.

Reunited with my friend Lisa who I met in Adelaide, we sourced some inexpensive lunch and caught up on the last four months. Feeling like we had seen each other the day before, it was really nice to have company in a new city :-). Venturing to the 'top' attraction in Darwin of Crocosaurus Cove (as rated by lonely planet) we found (yes you guessed it) crocodiles! Finding a sign telling me that two of the crocodiles had been renamed Kate and William in honour of the royal wedding (I wonder if they know?!) we also got to play with a baby crocodile! Soft and very cute, we got a photo to mark the occasion!

Later in the day, wandering the waterfront, via Travellers walkway, with good company and chat, I had one of my favourite Australia moments so far…

Cooking dinner on Tuesday, a voice asking for some of my hot water, turns out they were Scottish!! The first Scottish backpacker since Melbourne 6 weeks ago, they were surprised I knew they were Scottish rather than Irish (a common trend over here!) I replied with 'Well I should know as a fellow Scot'. Somewhat worrying I was then told that I didn't sound Scottish?! Whaaat?! A native telling me that?! Crazy. Reassured by some others around me, sitting chatting, conscious I hadn't been a yes woman in a while, I joined some hostel residents on a pub crawl… An interesting evening with live music and jugs of cider it ended in good chat, caledonia and some star gazing :-).

The yes woman policy was implemented again sooner than expected, on a suggestion from Lisa that we join others from her hostel in heading to Berry Springs on Wednesday. Heading out of the city, BBQ ingredients purchased en route, we arrived into the springs. A beautiful spot with waterfalls, there were some tree lined, reflective long water channels that offered some impressive swimming exercise. Having interesting chat, with one companion uttering 'whaaat's' and 'really's' I couldn't help but smile to myself and join in on quite a few :-). My brain switched up a gear to think of the English equivalents for many a French and German word, it was not so easy!! They laughed at the native English speaker having trouble! Told that I spoke english very clearly, who'd have thought it?! These Australians must be rubbing off on me…!! :-). A BBQ later we spent the afternoon at the lower falls. My companions seeking shade, I floated out alone into the water, save for some fish and dragonfly's. The last day spent with little Lisa, I do believe this is what travelling memories are made of :-).

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