Me and the sunsetBorne out of a means to record my travels, my words share the experiences of a two year working holiday in Australia. From battling chickens with a quad bike collecting eggs on a poultry farm to driving tractors for the first time, seeing in 2014 with Sydney’s New Year fireworks, driving all the way to Tasmania’s town called Penguin just to see a penguin, working with camels, Skydiving, grafting grapevines on a vineyard, exploring beautiful places, seeing many colourful sunsets, I had an awesome adventure and found my blogging feet.

An awesome journey in Australia, I hope you find it interesting to read. Any questions on Australia or my story please tweet me. I’d love to share my stories with you :-).

Sharing my post Australia adventures, including a holiday in Malaysia and some UK exploring, we recently made the decision to move to New Zealand. I hope to share the stories of our time here too.

Few things about me… I like to watch sunrise and sunset. It never ever gets boring. A lover of a lie in, I love stargazing and sitting beside the sea. It is my happy place. I love to do yoga, eat sushi and watch movies. A pretty good day for me is when I manage all three :-).


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