Leaving Scotland…

Armed with a mission to watch as many movies as possible I got on the first plane from Glasgow to Dubai. Sat next to an elderly couple in the window seat, my first choice was 'Chernobyl diaries'. A little generic in the first half then got better in the second half. Encouraged by Sheena I then opted for 'tangled' but fell asleep. After a pit stop, embarked on the Dubai to Singapore leg. Sat next to two men, one of whom wrapped himself up in a blanket, put an eye mask on and then put ear plugs in, I started to wonder if aisle seats would be better…. Browsing through the movie catalogue, 'the magic of belle isle' looked interesting so put it on. Really enjoyed the slow pace, colourful and character led film. I decided it was about time I tried to sleep and must have got about 45 mins when we were woken for breakfast… Refuelled and refreshed I then embarked on Singapore to Brisbane on the exact same plane, same seat but with new companions. Managed a snooze finally and woke and watched 'people like us'. Easy going, average film. At journey’s end, remarkably awake for the few hours sleep I did get, I was collected by relatives and taken home and I promptly fell straight asleep!!!! The Australian journey now begins….


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