Linguistically challenged

Amazed by how effective knowing ‘good’ and ‘not good’ in Korean is for various situations, and picking the language up quickly enough to use in conversations effectively, my German housemates have also refreshed all the German I know. Not wanting the Belgian to feel left out, I have been trying to use French also. I now think and speak in 4 languages! Added to my bucket list is to learn French properly! I randomly wonder whether I am teaching my housemates English with a Scottish accent?! Today I answered my Korean housemate in German! Not bad having given it up approximately 16 years ago…!! Loving being immersed in all these languages, though at times it is hard not being able to understand.

3 thoughts on “Linguistically challenged

  1. It is good to be able to speak other languages. We British don’t need to do it because nearly everybody in the world speaks English but i think it is better to be able to speak at least one other language. Andre Rieu of the Johann Strauss orchestra speaks fluent Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish!!!!! So good luck. I might attempt one myself!

  2. Well done, you! But remember , the most important phrase you need to learn in any language is” two beers , please and the guy in the corner is paying”!
    Have a great time – Andrew now safely ensconced in Melbourne- will pm his new number.xx

  3. Definitely :-). I like it. Might learn Korean properly too. Wow that is impressive! Well done you for thinking about it. I’m sure Mum can guide you in the right direction :-). Hehe, thanks Fiona 🙂 xx

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