Seeing the sun in a different light….

After a morning of tree felling, non native of course, we finished early to avoid the forecasted 39 degrees. Our team leader took us to Nigretta falls. Dried up at this time of year, we sat by the lake at the top of the falls and had our lunch. On walking back to the car, after someone asked ‘what is wrong with the sky?!’ various poses were taken to try and get a good snap of the amazing sky! An inbound UK txt let us know that it could also be seen on the other side of the world! Where’s an astronomer when you need one?? Amazing!

After that we went and cooled off in an Olympic sized swimming pool. 8 lengths later and knackered we headed home and cooked Spag Bol for dinner. An evening spent watching 50/50, I think it is going to be a warm night!

2 thoughts on “Seeing the sun in a different light….

  1. Can’t tell too much from the photo. Can you describe the sky. Don’t recall hearing anything about it in the UK. How big were the trees being felled and where were they going?

  2. It was a big dark circle with a rainbow like edge around the sun. Like it looked like it was expanding!! Another British volunteer’s dad said he could see it in England. We sawed the trees down, as they were non native and they will replant with native species x

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