A Chilled Out Australia Day

Rising early to catch wifi and the shops before they shut, us girls headed into town. Frustrated with my phone, and after consideration of various options, I emerged with a new phone. Wanting to keep my other number it may be a couple of days before I am able to use it. With camping plans for next week, this does not particularly bother me but an update to those in the UK would be helpful I’m sure.

Reunited with our housemates, we headed to Lake Hamilton for a BBQ. A walk across train tracks and with not many houses around, it felt like we were in 'stand by me'. Listening to music and with some tasty pork, we had an easy going day, chilling and soaking up the sun.

A nice chat had with my German friend, I found similar views to my own. Her mannerisms reminded me of my sister and with 'ho hey' the next song to play, my thoughts turned to her. A long walk home, we settled down to catch the women's tennis final. Afterwards, wanting to touch base, I started the walk into town to acquire signal. Alas my phone finally packed in and was unable to be unlocked. Use of my housemate's phone proved an invaluable help and I was able to phone my family and reconnect. Filling in a couple of friends by txt also, I finished the evening feeling relaxed and happy.


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