A reminder of Christmas

After a day that could rival the UK weather wise, we awoke to another cool, murky morning. Our task in Nelson – to rid Lower Glenelg National Park of non native pine trees and to GPS mark their locations. De-tented and fuelled up, we headed back to the same site as the day before. A day of different challenges, 200 odd trees later, our work for the day was done. Had it been November we could have made ourselves a lot of money!

The sun finally out, looking beautiful, told it was only 15 mins away by our team leader, we headed to the beach. A pit stop at the lake informed us it was 6km away, and would most definitely take us longer than 15 minutes to reach. A rest on a bench, overlooking the lake, though pretty, was not the beach we sought. Defeated, we headed back to camp for Spag Bol and evening plans were negotiated.

An evening visit to Nelson beach was awesome. Sun setting, grouped together and chilled out we spent the last few hours of daylight by the coast. The lengths of sand reminded me of Straddie and of the memories made there. A txt to those involved, I’m not sure if it worked or not…

On return to camp, discussions over ‘catterpillows’ and ‘gummy bears with swords’ proved entertaining and we prepared for the night ahead.

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