A Bit Dreich and Dreary

Awaking at 7am, rain pounding on the tent, I was sure I had woken up in Scotland! Enveloped in the first proper rain in the region for 2 months, we have not timed our camping trip well! Spirits down, but with pine trees awaiting, we headed to the national park. The naked and famous and twist and shout helped keep us motivated but 150 trees later, we were forced to take an extended morning break as the rain was too heavy. Unlike Brisbane, where it was hot and the rain short and heavy, this was reminiscent of Scotland’s cold, relentless showers. A reminder of why I left, I sense a journey north soon!

The rain worsening, an early finish was achieved and we headed to see Lake Moniepeg. Though nice, I am sure would be nicer with the sun’s reflection. The Princess Margaret Rose caves provided some escape from the rain, and geology interest reawakened, reconnected for the first time in a week through wifi, an email from Lynn made me giggle.

An afternoon visit to swan lake, activation of a SIM card then a prompt stupid, semi deactivation, vegan veg curry eaten, music shared and interests expanded, a chilled and enjoyable last night was had.

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