Pine Trees, Blue Lakes and Onward Travel

Awaking yet again to the sound of rain, it was time to get up and address the backpack. Clothes rolled and bags prepared, the gifts of sleeping bag, torch and gloves, having been put to good use, were put away. Tasked with the Christmas garden Olympics task in reverse, unfortunately not as fast as the others, the 2 man tent became a pile of material and pins. Breakfast made and lunch prepared, we headed out for our last day in Nelson.

Our morning work done, I don’t think I will able to hear the words ‘pine tree’ without remembering that week. Held up by a flat tyre, we headed west to Mt Gambier. A quick look at the impressive Blue Lake, the last group photo, set on a timer, was taken. Dropped at the visitor centre, I wished my companions well on their onward journeys.

Group photo time at Blue Lake

Wifi obtained, onward journey plans received, I went in search of sushi and a phone shop. Phone reinstated for free by a kind soul named Adam, I was able to relax and enjoy some sushi. With a 6 hour bus journey ahead of me, I bought dinner and took a wander through the town. An older vibe, with bowling greens and split streets, the people were very friendly, with many a smile headed my way. Bus boarded, I began the north west journey. Reflecting on the past week, now nearly 2 months in, covering 4 territories already, I took in the scenery, pine trees included, until the sun set. Feeling a little daunted at what the weeks ahead may hold, I am looking forward to my week on kangaroo island.

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