First Impressions

Waking from the first time in a bed for 5 days, in a new time zone, having had an amazing, comfortable sleep, I emptied the backpack and reorganised. Showered and sorted, my stomach told me it was time to go in search of sustenance. With the lonely planet guide not providing me a walking tour, guided by the top attractions it noted, I headed towards central market. Having usually had breakfast, morning tea and lunch by now, I was that hungry I had breakfast and lunch in one sitting! Informed by my German roommate that there were free pancakes in the hostel 2 days a week, I had pancakes on the brain. Luckily these were easily sourced and I tucked into a mixed fruit crepe. My neighbour’s chosen delicacies looked so good, I went in search of similar. A chicken Katsu bento box later I felt ready to tackle the city.

Taking in the variety and buzz of central market, with fresh produce and specific asian market shops, evidently a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, I emerged onto Grote Street and wandered in the direction of North Terrace. The streets and pavements wide, there is a feeling of expansiveness and space. Trams, though present, the bus dominates as the main method of public transport. Old, quirky buildings interspersed with new modern ones. My blog, giving me purpose, I noted down my first impressions.

Onto North Terrace, I enjoyed some street graffiti and encountered most of the important buildings of the city. The sun emerging after a cloudy morning, unprepared without sunscreen, I took a wifi pit stop. A wander through the botanics, a wedding scene reminded me of similar times in Wellington. Wanting to capture the spirit of the city, I sat and people watched in Mullawirraburka park. Children playing, cyclists trundling, ducks flapping, I took a self timed photo to capture the moment.

I walked back along Rundle Mall, taking in the bustling summer early evening atmosphere. Nearing the CBD, it got quieter and quieter, with many shops closed. With a plan to cook in the hostel, finding Coles shut at 5pm, I ended up eating out for the 2nd time that day. Laundry completed, I met my roommates, who on telling me they were going shark cage diving on a recommendation from a Scottish boy they had stayed with in Perth, turned out I knew! It is a small world sometimes! A boy overhearing me skyping, sparked a discussion with a Scottish compatriot, and I was reminded how nice the Scottish lilt is. Not a bad first day Adelaide!

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