Creating life on Kangaroo Island

I woke up to face day 2 of the last week of my volunteering. Located at the Habitat Restoration Project of the Kangaroo Island Nationally Threatened Plant Programme, we are helping to prepare for the island’s annual tree planting festival in July. Aiming to reinstate habitats for native plants, we were sent out to collect myaporum berries in the morning, to produce seedlings from. The sun out looking beautiful, this did not seem such an arduous task. A well earned morning break, we then spent a couple of hours filling cell trays with potting soil and grass seeding. In comparison to the week before, with a beautiful blue sky overhead, after my weeks of killing non native species the change to creating life was a welcome one.

Finishing the day at Stokes Bay, feet in the water, sun overhead, the island showed off what it had to offer. A drive past some pelicans offering a picture postcard moment was too good to pass up. Driving back to our residence for the week, past the lengths of vegetation and farmland, the preceding weeks made me look at the island differently than perhaps I would of as a tourist. A self made evening meal of chicken stir fry was enjoyed by all and dessert of ice cream reminded me of my week of pine tree felling.

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