Inspiration in Adelaide

I awoke early to participate in the hostel's weekly walking tour of the city. We were shown street art, including an entire wall of model cars. Having missed it the week previously, a wander along the Torrens River was enjoyed. A reminder of Melbourne, but eliciting a feeling of calmness.

Past the oval redevelopment site, we entered St Peter's Cathedral. I was drawn to pictures hanging on the wall from Sarah Wilcox’s blog on ‘Our Far South.’ Her words about a windblown tree and quoting Edward Wilson, Captain Scott's best mate, “take life as it comes and do what lies straight in front of you,” it felt like she was talking to me. I was truly inspired. Her words made me want to write better and to inform. Antarctica now next on my travel list, I do not want to go home.

Venturing forward, we saw the Cross of Sacrifice in Pennington gardens. Walking back along the river our guide told us stories of serial killers and of the Beaumont children that went missing in 1965. Told so well, it encouraged me to read up on the circumstances. Another visit to the botanics, we were told how, like Edinburgh, Adelaide has 2 panda's on loan from the Chinese government. Choosing to grow their own bamboo to feed them, people are able to inscribe their names onto the stalks without harming the plant. This act, a reminder of a story of German padlocks.

A pit stop at the urban cow studio, all products are locally made. Haigh's and Blackebys also visited, I feel I have seen a fair bit of the square mile CBD. Keen to finish my book I returned to Mullawirraburka Park. Zoned out from the city, observing the ducks and some wedding photography I put the invisible circus to rest. Not as happy a book as I thought it would be, I am glad to have finished it. After an extremely tasty dinner from chopstix on Rundle Mall, I decided it was time to increase my movie viewing tally. Opting for the impossible, I was sucked in to the story. Street performers still out on my walk home, I think Adelaide is promptly climbing my list of favourite cities.


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