An immersion into Adelaide’s history

Having wandered through the Migration Museum and learnt about the colonisation of South Australia and of Scotsman, John McDouall Stuart's journey the day previously, I thought I would take in some more of Adelaide's history. After a brief stop into the CVA office to collect my certificate, I walked along West Terrace (now totalling my coverage of the originally named North, South, East and West terraces that surround the grid designed city to 3). Past some grazing horses, I arrived at Adelaide gaol.

Reminded of the tv show Alcatraz, the gaol had a distinctly creepy feel. A lone clanking contributed to the eeriness with the stories on the wall painting a picture of what life was like. Coming across a room detailing the crimes the women had committed – some girls in today's society would spend a good few weeks there!

Finding company in the new building with an Englishman called Dave Thomas, we exchanged stories. Arriving into Australia on the same day, both spending time in Brisbane and both visiting the migration museum the day before, it was nice to connect. A last corner turned, I found the stories of Elizabeth Woolcock and William Brown's execution particularly poignant.

Ending the day at the Torrens River, one of my favourite spots in the city, the breeze on a hot day was welcome. The rush hour crowd along King William Street, I am definitely enjoying Adelaide.




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