Vagabonding Bob

On returning to the hostel in the evening, I sat in the lounge. I could hear the two people behind me and they were most definitely Scottish. As good a conversation starter as ever, I asked where they were from. The boy, from Edinburgh, he told me that a group of them are here to study in Adelaide. Like buses, you wait ages then they all come at once!! Enjoying the chat, we were able to exchange stories and travel plans. Having returned home the night previously with a supermarket pizza in hand to find the hostel did not have an oven (6 hobs and sinks yes, but not a baking device in sight), I spent the evening with a boy that had took pity on me and shared some of his food with me. We walked up the Montefiore 'hill'. Able to see some buildings and a bit of the sunset, there were too many trees in the way to get a good view. I think I should show Adelaide the Edinburgh Pentlands!

A bit of a strange night, my policy of being a yes woman was on shaky territory. I have now implemented some rules!! Back to the hostel, I beat my companion at table tennis!! Having started not well, this was an impressive feat! An American watching us challenged the winner, and henceforth I met vagabonding Bob. On chatting, he told me he was also blogging. Weird how these connections come around, it was good to chat and looking up his page I was reminded that I have to entertain my readers! Now that volunteering is passed, this timely interjection has given me new focus and I will grab the challenge head on!!


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