Beach and Pub Crawl banter

After the escapades of the night before, some newly bonded roommates awoke to find that our guest had left! Now with an image for life, I will look back at the banter surrounding the situation with fondness. With a plan to do the fringe, I bumped into my new Scottish friends in the kitchen. They, with a plan to go to Hendley beach, asked if I wanted to join them. Preferring company, I said yes. With temperatures in the high 30s it definitely seemed a good plan. Banter was had over crabs, sand mermaids and bitch fights on the beach (genuinely 2 women looked ready to knock each other out!) and new connections were made.

For evening plans I decided to check out the hostel's pub crawl. $10 for 4 free drinks didn't sound too bad. Meeting Josh, Nicole and Darren, lots of banter and company was had. More than a little merry when I crawled back to the hostel quite late, I had an awesome night.


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