Grampians Bound

And so 3 headed east. Me, Daniel and Lisa collected our little hire car and filled her up. Driving out of Adelaide on the Glen Osmond Road we stopped in at Mt Lofty. Seeing the city was impressive and leaving looking back at the city, it was a good way to end my time there. Used to the left, as designated driver for the day I quite enjoyed the little automatic Toyota yaris and we had fun washing the windscreen when we wanted to use the indicators for a couple of tries! Those pesky Australians confusing us! Choosing inland over the coastal road to see the grampians, we stopped for toasted sandwiches in Coonalpyn and got stuck in roadwork traffic! A quick look through Keith and Bordertown, crossing the border into Victoria, we lost another half hour to another timezone. Handing over to my Spanish companion, I was able to take note of what we had done. Attack of the windscreen indicators again, we settled into the second half of the day's journey. It taking longer than expected, we got to the Grampians just as the sun was setting. With lots of kangaroos for company, by the time we got to the hostel it was dark. Having hoped to do MacKenzie falls today, there is a lot to fit in tomorrow!


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