From the Heights of Mt William to the Carvings of the 12 Apostles

Sleeping for the first time without ear plugs, the peacefulness of the Grampians contributed to an amazing sleep. Getting up early, me and Lisa toyed with the idea of taking longer to explore the ocean road. Daniel, keen to get to Melbourne and find a job pushed us to keep it at 3. Having different ideas of what we wanted to see, a little awkwardness was apparent. Without a camera and not wanting to see all the sights or spend a lot of time anywhere we were a bit confused as to why he joined us rather than fly directly. Driving to McKenzie falls, we saw the water cascading. Stopping at the balconies, then onto Mt William, the view was impressive. I could have sat there for hours and if I had been travelling myself, would have spent a couple of days there walking and getting lost in the vastness. Beautiful. A reminder of the mountains of Scotland, thoughts turned to my dad, I know he would love it. Seeing bush fire smoke as we drove through the Grampians, we were welcomed to Victoria with some rain! Driving along the same roads as I had during my previous stay in Victoria, past pine trees a plenty and Mt Rouse, I recollected the memories.

Onto Warrnambool, we finally saw the sea and picked up the great ocean road. Masquerading as an inland road for a large part of the journey, we were a little confused! Stopping at the bay of martyrs, the grotto, London bridge and Loch Ard, the beauty of the ocean was apparent. The sun low in the sky, we were maybe quicker than we should have been trying to get to the 12 Apostles before nightfall. Seeing the sunset over them, it was absolutely amazing. Pictures taken and memories stored we headed to Princetown where we enjoyed the most expensive fish and chips I have ever eaten! The last leg of the evening, I drove to Apollo bay in the dark. Reaching the Eco hostel, I was told that I sounded Irish for the fourth time this week! Fearing what is happening to my accent, I will need to actively seek out Scottish people to converse! Booking onward accommodation in Melbourne, I fell asleep knackered.

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