Side Effects…

Having had a productive morning job hunting and enjoying some of the sunshine, I was in the mood to see a movie. Toying with cloud atlas, but wanting something intellectual, the better timed and well reviewed 'side effects' was my chosen early evening viewing. Telling the story of Emily Taylor, played by Rooney Mara, on experimental medication for depression, it shows Dr Banks' (Jude Law) journey to fathom the side effects from the drug.

Starting very well and keeping me guessing for most of the film, Jude Law's performance in the first half was very good. The turn halfway through, Rooney Mara's portrayal took over and giving a chilling performance, she kind of freaked me out.

*spoiler alert*

Catherine Zeta Jones never appearing quite right, I saw the twist coming. The last third of the film, changing the tense, clever thriller into a ridiculous, run of the mill film, I became frustrated with this film and Jude Law and Catherine Zeta Jones' performances. Exploring the issues surrounding prescription drugs as treatment and who has responsibility, at least a reasonable conclusion was reached. Disappointed overall, I also personally feel the film in parts reinforced stereotypes of mental health. With so many people suffering, it would have been nice to have seen some competent professionals portrayed in the film.

2 thoughts on “Side Effects…

  1. Well it is not the cheeriest subject. Better to choose something which will make you laugh and feel good. Try the “exotic marigold hotel” it was an intersting commentary on human behaviour and needs/failings. Never can tell though what outcome of the acting and script will be.

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