Cloud Atlas

Having researched the city's cheaper cinema days and found it was Monday and Tuesday, after sourcing cheap fruit at Victoria Market and spending an afternoon completing Victoria's Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course, I decided to tick Cloud Atlas off my list. Paying only $11, I think it is the cheapest film I have seen in Australia so far! Checking the running time before entering at 2hrs and 52 minutes I prepared myself for an epic film…!

Trying to know as little as possible before seeing this, I thought I had maybe made a bad decision. It jumping through five different stories, exploring the actions of individuals in the past, present and future, at the beginning it was hard to keep track. Fear not, revisiting them, I settled down into the stories and loved guessing which actors were playing the characters! Particularly impressed with Ben Wishaw and Doona Bae, Jim Broadbent stole some great lines and comedic moments. Absolutely loving his 2012 story, a particular stereotypical Scottish scene made me laugh a lot and along with a scene at the Scot Monument (which I wonder if it was CGI'd as it has been closed for so long!), it was a lovely reminder of home. Seeing the end credits roll, convinced that one of the actors had been Benedict Cumberbatch I was surprised to see it was James D'Arcy. Very similar in appearance, it was a job well done. Staying until the end, seeing the character share, the cast did a great job with some excellent performances. Cleverly done, the transitions between times impressive, I liked how the stories interlinked. Allowing me to escape for a couple of hours, I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to Scots in particular just for that one scene!

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