War Witch

Venturing to one of the independent cinemas in Melbourne, on a roommate's recommendation, Rebelle (War Witch) was Monday night's viewing choice. Told from the perspective of Komona, played by Rachel Mwanza, a girl in Sub-Saharan Africa, she tells the story of being kidnapped by rebels and of being forced to join the civil war.

Not entirely sure if I was in the right mood for it, it was a very well shot movie. An interesting use of camera work, sound and visuals, complimenting the plot, the film tranversed her two year journey as a war witch well. Quite a harrowing story, Komono's scene with the commander and the end of the movie were very powerful. Enjoying the story with the rooster and her relationship with the magician the most, personally, I appreciated the film much more a couple of hours after leaving the cinema. Well done, I am not surprised it has so many award nominations.

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