Stumbling into a decision to see Trance in order to try some cannoli cioccolato's and calzone's, hearing James McAvoy's lovely voice, it seemed a decision well made! Directed by Danny Boyle, hypnotist Elizabeth, played by Rosario Dawson, is recruited to help an art dealer (McAvoy) remember where he has hidden a painting.

The soundtrack is undoubtedly the best thing about this film. Awesome, it adds to the plot and suspense very well. Danny Boyle's short colourful sequences are especially compelling and certainly held my attention. Rosario's voice was indeed incredibly hypnotic and I found the scenes where she was working with Simon to be particularly well done. My favourite scene involved some cards. A great ensemble cast, with some entertaining moments, I found Tuppence Middleton's character very intriguing. Keeping me guessing and cleverly winding through all the complexities and subplots, it was certainly an enjoyable hour and 40 minutes. However, not wanting to reveal too much of the plot, I believe the less you know about this film the better. Too much perhaps given away in the trailer, wishing I hadn't seen it, I could tell the general direction the film was heading in. Finding one particular subplot a little strange and building up to somewhat of an expected crazy end, but unable to take my eyes off the screen, it certainly lived up to its name.

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