A Latitude Adjustment in Tasmania

For an extra $4.50, I was faced with the window/aisle seat debate again… With a short 75 minute flight I opted not to pay the extra money and to just to see what fate threw at me. A word to the wise – never choose a pre selected seat that needs paid for. Just wait until online check in and it can be done for free. Choosing a window seat, and with no companion beside me, I was unfortunately on the wrong side of the plane to look back on Melbourne from the air. However, able to see the hills and surrounding farmland, climbing through the clouds, the reality of leaving Melbourne finally hit me. There is something very freeing about being above the clouds with nothing but open space around.

My computer on flight mode I felt this was an opportune time to try and delve into the hobbit. One downside of course of the advent of electronic reading devices is that they must be switched off for take off and landing. I had barely started when we began our descent! A good intention but with the short flight, it is perhaps not the best time to try and get lost in a book! Spending a lot of time writing, perhaps I will need to buy an actual book to be able to spend some time reading and not get distracted…! Nevertheless, this was not a point to be reading anyway! Whilst I couldn't see what was on the left hand side of the plane, from the right hand side, the descent was impressive. Able to see a river carving its way to the ocean and more mountains than I've seen in months, I was reminded of many a glaciation lecture!

Reaching my hostel, chosen on novelty value because of the name, the reception area welcoming, chilled music playing and a dog called Baloo big enough to eat me but of which I am sure is a cuddly soul, it kind of feels like christmas! Checking in with all things Internet related I noticed I had a 'like' on a recent post from a woman named Pat. I checked out her blog also. Her words on her post – “Maybe that isn’t a contrast in weather, but a contrast in my perspective or maybe my attitude. Or is it a contrast in latitude? That cold weather gave me an attitude adjustment – or maybe just an attitude that adjusted with the warmer weather. Latitude also adjusts my attitude.” These words can not capture how I feel any better than I can myself. It feeling distinctly autumnal but cold in a nice way to just wrap yourself up in a big furry coat with a heartwarming cup of hot chocolate I am already wondering why on earth I booked a return flight…!

The one picture of Hobart I managed to capture on the Airport shuttle bus before it got dark!

2 thoughts on “A Latitude Adjustment in Tasmania

  1. You are doing what I would have liked to do when I was younger. I did get this type of fun while taking students to England and Scotland for three weeks – traveling by foot and train, staying in youth hostels, eating on the cheap. One of my favorite memories is staying at the hostel at the foot of Edinburgh Castle. A beautiful location. I hope there is room for one more tag-along on your journey. πŸ™‚

    • Of course! :-). Thanks for stopping by. Your words even inspired the naming of my first Tassie post :-). Glad Edinburgh holds such happy memories for you. Love your pics πŸ™‚

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