Finding Rainbows and Chess Boards in Autumnal Hobart

Continuing the theme of Scottish stereotypes you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the hostel living room to find 'Maid of Honour' on the telly. A castle wedding of course, tartan crazy with chat of bairns and Atholls (which incidentally was cleverly used to denote 'asshole’), I couldn't quite believe that of all things possible that was what I walked into!! Having discussed an Australian film called Chopper the night before, with an array of dvds available itself included, Tuesday night's viewing was sorted. Grim and somewhat disturbing in parts, my ears are still sore in compassion… Glad to have have seen it though.

Having posted an ad in the wwoof forum, with a surprising response of 6 offers on the table, in 4 different territories as you can imagine my head was a bit confused. Receiving one for Tasmania literally as I got off the plane it is hard not to take that as merely a coincidence… Loving Tassie already, I am not sure whether I will remember why I want to go north in a couple of days or not… However with a new city to explore I put that debate to one side, grabbed my jumper and jacket and headed out armed with Safari Pete's walking tour of Hobart. Headed towards the waterfront one of the first things I was met with was a very bright, arc shaped rainbow. Wow.

Tipping my head in acknowledgement, maybe Tassie is the place to be after all…. Texting my mum and sister to share the moment I ducked into Salamanca square to escape some light rain. Finding chess board number 2 on my travels I had lunch in a place called machine, a cafe with a laundrette attached. As you do.

Following Safari Pete's directions, it took me past Princes Park, which had some amazing autumnal colours on the trees. Onto some quirky, quaint little houses, St David's Park then the waterfront, a small town feel, Hobart reminds me of somewhere I've been before but I am not quite sure where. The first place I've visited where the car dominates as the main method of transport, nestled in the hills and sprawled out it kind of feels like it is just getting on with business! Wanting to find a hill to walk up, it getting a bit dark I will make sure I make it up Mt Wellington next week.

Informed by the lovely hostel receptionist that Tasmania has a town called 'penguin' where everything (yes you guessed it) is shaped like penguins I feel this is something that has to be seen to be believed and perchance achieved before I leave Tassie. An evening spent deliberating over wwoof offers, it being nearly midnight and up at 6 in the morning I must get myself to bed!


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