The Diary of a Tassie Adventure – Day 3 – Cradle Mountain & Henty Sand Dunes

Today I walked up Cradle Mountain. It was undoubtedly one of the most liberating days of my life. The walk hard but not difficult, climbing to the top, the wind encircling me, the scenery spectacular, I was allowed some time to reflect. Having found a quote a couple of weeks ago but not feeling it was applicable but it playing on my mind, today that has changed. I do now see. “I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” -Rosalia de Castro

Others may have chosen their own paths, today I chose freedom. Freedom to explore. To learn. To love. To find. To live a life.

Managing to blog the above directly after my Cradle Mountain climb, this was achieved after a pretty awesome morning. Deposited at Tassie's Henty Dunes, climbing the banks, the sun out for the first time in 3 days, it created a background for all kinds of interesting pictures. Looking for a good picture, walking alone, I stood atop a dune and took a picture into the sun. Joined by Markus, he showed me a picture of me taking a picture. I love this picture. Experimenting, I snapped a number of the group silhouetted against the sun. Finding a heart in the sand, all assembled, we took a group photo.

Past some out of season Santa Claus's in Roseberry, we had a dice with death jumping across the road to take some pictures of the beautifully mirrored Lake Roseberry. Stopping in Development Road for a sighting of Cradle Mountain, hearing the words 'let's go to the beach' from Xavier and unable to miss the huge electricity pylon, memories of events at Mt Rouse were not too far away.

Arriving into Cradle Mountain national park, we began our climb. Met with my first wombat, it might possibly be one of the cutest animals I have encountered so far. Many a beautiful view to be immortalised in pictures, reaching the halfway point, I was passed by a man carrying a baby…! Some responsibility and sure footing is definitely needed for that! A bit breezy, we all became Kate Winslet from Titanic! Climbing the last 40m with the help of the chain, the view was absolutely outstanding. A jumping shot mastered, a foot picture added, and some timtams enjoyed, the wind liberating, I was awarded a moment to think. This moment saved only for me, lets just say I made some important decisions. Some grey clouds rolling in, I decided it was time to make a move. Past a spider, a bench, Wombat Pool, Lake Lilla and Dove Lake, my legs brought me back to the bus singing armageddon's animal crackers in my head.

Blogging to my 'Australia' music, after a pit stop in Sheffield taking in the street art, we drove on to Launceston.

A last supper for Xavier, Johan and Grzegorz leaving us today and others the day after, we then found some live music at an Irish bar. Stamped 'M.Irish' on arrival, me and the English Emma were none too impressed!! Some people watching surveying the scene, a bit of a boogie and a last song of 'I'm yours' from the band, I have quite possibly had one of the most amazing day's ever!

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