The Diary of a Tassie Adventure – Day 5 – Wineglass Bay, Cape Tourville & Bonorong

After laughing ourselves silly the night before, we got up early to catch the sunrise. Some novelty pictures taken with Markus's Thai hat, we were then on our way via Great Oyster Bay.

Arriving early into the car park for Wineglass Bay at 8.04, red gloves on, the sun out shining, we started the second climb of the week. Spying the bay round the corner, turning professional photographer for 5 minutes, I hope I got a good shot of the nice German couple we met. Trundling through the trees, stumbling onto wineglass bay, alone on the beach, it was beautiful. So peaceful, the sun out, with the crashing of the waves and the birds in the trees, it kind of felt a little bit like paradise. A different walk from cradle, and a different final destination, it certainly lets you reflect on the 9-5 equivalent. Diving off alone for 10 mins, I climbed atop some rocks in search of a good foot picture. Successfully attained, and perhaps my favourite yet, we relaxed and ate some timtams.

Venturing back, the walk up was much harder than the way down! Enough steps to make many an escalator, our persistence eventually rewarded us. Looking the other way at Coles Bay, over the crest of the hill, Tassie showed what it has to offer. Walking down with Markus, with my body warmer on, walking boots fastened firmly on my feet with the sun in the sky it was just the vision I had imagined my tassie adventuring would entail. Reaching the bottom, back in the van, Emily wishing she had brought a wineglass, I concurred. That would definitely have made for some interesting photos…!

Onwards down the east coast, our guide took us to Cape Tourville. So amazing and the sea so blue, I have fair had an adventure this week. After some fish measurement banter, I was told by my guide to get myself onto the other side of the fence and put my chin on the post. After a whaaaat, without much time to think about it, I was picked up and hoisted over!

With three cameras pointed at me, laughing a lot, I climbed up on the rocks and posed away! Kirsten with my camera, she got an awesome shot of me literally on top of the world. Back in the van, the waifs playing, all chilled out, driving along, it was perfect road trip music.

A flying trip to Swansea (that would be swan sea and not swan zee) for lunch, we then had an afternoon visit to Bonorong wildlife park. With a very informative guide, telling us about their residents, I was apparently the only one who noticed her weird compulsion to tell every animal that they had been 'naughty' using baby talk…! As you do. Learning about Tasmanian devils, which are apparently no bigger than a grain of rice when born, seeing some massive koalas in comparison to the mainland, on Tassie, by law, only trained handlers can get koala hugs. Seeing my first joey, I was able to catch some kangaroo shilouettes in the setting sun.

With some evening banter of a very tasty free dinner, Dirty Granny's, Moo Brew and colouring in, we said goodbye to another 2 tour members. Another awesome day had, I wonder what tomorrow holds.

With so many giggles again today it would be criminal not to note them down!

Laughter List part 2

15. Peter, our guide, told us there was a measurement of fish in the water on the walk at Cape Tourville. Emma reading it she said it out loud. Kirsten hearing her thought she meant how long she was rather than the fish… They both then debated whether they would need to lie down to ascertain how long they were!

16. My travel buddies noticing that I like to take pictures, I gained a reputation… Telling Emma that if I don't take pictures I forget where I am, I was met with the reply 'you're in tassie.'

17. For dinner, choosing our food options Peter told us to tick the relevant box. Joyce writing her name next to her tick, Peter responded “so Joyce is having 3 salmon… What's everyone else having?!”

18. En route to dinner, when a car was about to pass us I said 'watch, watch, watch.' Joyce, taking her chances actually walked out in front of the car!

19. The entire event of lunch in the horny cray takeaway (yes the name did provide no end of banter as well as some interesting pics!),

20. On the bus, declaring I was so full, our guide shared the sentiment and said he was as full as a fat Sheila's sock! A new one for the list, it was very funny.

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