Penguin Road Trips, Mona exploring and Venturing on

My tour finishing, I used my last couple of days to explore. Venturing to Hobart’s Mona, the museum of new and old art, it was an interesting visual experience. Handed an 'o' device, like a smart phone, it provided information about each piece giving you the option to 'love' or 'hate' it. Novel for galleries, allowing you to save your tour to email, it is a bloggers best friend. Loving James Newitt's '$1 for your story' the most, walking round the gallery twice, my perspective on some of the pieces changed. Definitely one to be seen to be believed, the view of Hobart from the cafe is one not to be missed.

On Thursday, with penguins on the brain and an Adelaide friend in Tasmania I decided to road trip to the north coast to see her and the town of Penguin. Upgraded to a bigger car, who I so named Jessie, handed a key that looked like an iPod dock handset, the car starting using a button saying start and with the mechanism for moving the seat making me feel like an elderly person on a chairlift, I thought 'this is going to be interesting.' With the radio providing some perfect road trip music, driving along the Great Lake Road, the first thing I encountered was some sheep! Winging a right I found the Beaumont memorial and an amazing view of the Great Lake. Past many a spectacular sight, I drove through plains, valleys, forests, Grand Canyon like mountains and English countryside towns. Just wow. The island totally blowing me away, picking up Maria, the sun setting over the highway, we got to penguin and found us some penguins!

Catching the view of Hobart from Mt William before I left, headed back to Melbourne on Friday, with good blogging intentions, I got on the plane, closed my eyes and managed to sleep for the entire journey… Somewhat of an epic fail with a lot to achieve, I was more than a little bit grateful for Melbourne friends, Hollie and Michelle picking me up from the airport. Putting me up for the weekend, very gratefully, enjoying their and Viv's company, it will be bye bye Melbourne for a while. Heading up to Northern Territory to see what it holds, perhaps with less of the communicative technologies available, I may not manage to publish quite as many blog posts… I'll still be blogging though, perhaps on mobile. Update to follow :-).


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