Sand encasing my legs, it comforts me. My flip flops off, I dig my feet into the sand. I make a shape in the sand. Alone on the beach, I watch the sunset. I stay until it is dark. Sailing ships, sitting dogs, a lone backpacker walks the edge of the water. This makes me think of my own journey. A six month one so far, a lot has been achieved. Some found, others lost, many gains, many a lesson has been learnt. Many practical, some emotional ones have been broken. I have loved learning these lessons. Alone but not lonely, I love what travelling lets you feel. I turn to go. I see the stars. I start to walk, happy in myself.

2 thoughts on “Sand

  1. Jane that was beautiful very poetic.
    Can’t believe 6months travelling already, mind you so much has been seen & done well done you.
    Loved catching up on your blogs.
    Luv Lynn

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