Squashing Katherine

My legs are a mess. I must have at least twenty bites on them. Some mozzies, I’m not sure of the rest. Vigilant in my application of bug spray in Batchelor, Darwin’s cityscape has not been so kind. I hope they don’t scar. Travelling south by bus, I watch the landscape out my window. Red dominates, but surprisingly also green. The bush fire colourings remind me of Nelson. I want to finish my book but I don’t want to miss anything… Having slept with ear plugs all week, I choose not to put my iPod in. A crying baby and a man playing Adele through his phone changes my mind. I want road trip music. Adele, whilst amazing, is not. I opt for Lissie’s Catching a Tiger.

Arriving into Katherine I was met with the words “we are having a party tonight. Do you need liquor?!” A novel introduction. Put to work straightaway, I picked squash whilst listening to my holiday playlist on my iPod. I can cope with that :-). Squash from the same family as zucchini’s but not to be confused with the butternut variety, as far as I am aware this is a vegetable the UK does not import… Whilst tasty, I’ve certainly never seen it before… An evening spent with a BBQ with said squash, introduced to a bearded man reminding me of Alan from the hangover, allowed to hold a ridiculously cute baby joey, I refound my love for the stars. There is truly amazing stargazing in Northern Territory! Enjoying my evening but feeling a little apprehensive as to what the next few weeks will hold, I know how this uncertainty usually ends… 🙂

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