There’s Something about Edith!

My third blog by mobile, I hope it is looking ok. Squash picking at sunrise and sunset, playing my ‘unplayed’ playlist on my iPod, it seems to know just what sort of mood I am in. An eclectic, chilled out mix, I am able to sing or hum along whilst everyone else plays their own choices :-). Some free time in the middle of the day, I like the possibilities of achievements in this time. Sunday apparently downtime day, after washing and packing the vegetables, taken to the extremely beautiful Edith Falls in Nitmiluk National Park, it has become my favourite Northern Territory falls so far. Swimming the lower falls all the way to the waterfall, I enjoyed sitting beside it alone :-). The waterfall releasing its load, I also let something that had been bothering me go…

Knowing this week’s Where’s my backpack Travel Theme and knowing there are many places I have found peaceful that I want to share, without a connection, wanting to but unable to post, missing the community nature of blogging, today I spent some time reading other blogs. I love reading other people’s blogs. I find one sadly on miscarriages and another on a girl writing about a plain Jane. I love these posts. Very real and so well written, I think about my own writing. Darwin has inspired something new in me. Today I want to write. I want to put pen to paper… My brain is thinking. Maybe, just maybe, I will find some inspiration here..

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