Am I Scottish or am I Australian?

Am I Scottish or am I Australian….?! A strange question perhaps yet a question I asked myself whilst videoing myself to hear what I sounded like after my sister informed me I sounded Australian whilst on the phone to her last Sunday.

I know I am upward inflecting my sentences. I pick up new phrases from people that are not Scottish. I speak other languages every day that sound different from my own. Others of the same obviously needed to validate your own accent, it is an interesting phenomenon. If I don't meet any more Scottish people on my travels what will I end up sounding like? Do we pick it up to 'fit in?' I know I am not Australian but yet I asked this question to myself based on how others tell me how I sound. I know I am Scottish but when I hear myself talk I can't tell if it is Scottish. My accent is an important part of my identity.

Watching the video back of course I still sound Scottish. Speaking so slowly and clearly though! An obvious outcome after spending so long with people who can't speak English so well and others who speak it differently. To be understood. Perhaps also sounding different because it is a recorded video, probably sounding completely crazy to you all, I apparently chose to 'test' my accent using words and phrases that I have said a lot here… Not wise perhaps! I look so thoughtful and genuinely confused I thought I would bravely share this moment with you! With poor skin just now, just focus on the voice ;-). In an effort to encourage some two way communication, in homage to the homeland lets make this post a Scotland memento :-). Links to videos most welcome to remind me what I 'should' sound like!

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