A Last Field of Zucchini Has Been Walked…

Many a pancake has been made. Many a word has been explained. Many a new word has been learnt. Many a song has been heard. Many a fly has flown by. Some amazing stars and sunsets have been seen. Interesting moon shapes and colours have been enjoyed. Waterfall pools have been swum. Baby Joey's have been introduced. Collective hair has been plaited. A lot of whaaaat's and hokay's have been said. Territory Day fireworks have lit up the sky. An unhealthy obsession with garlic has been witnessed! The last playlist has been heard. A last field of zucchini has been walked… An 'arigatou' and an 'ii tabi shitene' to my wwoof host and fellow wwoofers has been said.

Whilst in Katherine my friends have shown me just how amazing they are. Sympathetic ears have been lent, words of advice have been offered, laughter has been released. Many a conversation held under the blanket of the stars; many an interesting story has been heard. Being yourself or versions of yourself discussions by firelight, laughter over being in the middle of nowhere and being eaten in western australia and stories of averting kangaroos, police cars and looking for the stars are just some of the memories I am taking with me. “Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy.” This is very true. I think I have found some.

Some unintended achievements and lessons learnt, inspiration was found. Momentarily lost for now, I know I will find it again. Some amazing girls also found; cultures have been exchanged. An introduction to a vegetable I have never even heard of before; it was very tasty. Learning that it is harder than you think to speak English; loving sharing and helping, it is also harder than you think to explain the meaning of words and to not only speak your language every day. I have been reassured that my accent is still firmly Scottish. Perhaps an unexpected learning having put weight on, I realised that I have not looked in a full length mirror in nearly three months. Some thin girls thinking they are 'fat', I now love my curves a little bit more. Unashamed to show my body with five girls in a room getting changed five times a day, it was not a place to be coy. Having left with a one piece, I am off to buy a bikini :-).

Heading south to the land where perhaps I won't receive phone signal, don't think of me as rude if I don't respond. Assured I have access to Internet (and henceforth blogging) I will keep you updated but can also be reached by regular mail, all things Internet and landlines I'm sure :-).

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