A Day In The Life…

Sun on horizon, Time to awake
I rise, open sleep ridden eyes
Boots waiting, brushed dusty red
Clothes changeless, protecting from harm

Sun rising, Time to begin
The farm dampened pathway calling
Music filling my ears, I walk
Looking left, Looking right, Looking for like

Sun climbing higher
Treading more of its gaze
Looking over, Looking under
The insect's claim, I appraise

Too old, Too spoilt, I throw away
A little young, I leave it be
Twisting left, Twisting right, The perfect one
I snap off its stem

Sun venturing high, Time to return
Taking time to refresh
As different feet reclaim the paths
Surrounded by flies, mine take a rest

Sun falling low, Time to resume
Music filling my ears, I walk
The wind-swept afternoon pathway
Looking left, looking right, looking for like

A weight on my shoulder, I reach the sink
I clean, I align, I set it to cool
Sun reaching horizon, light fading
I watch as it often turns pink

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