Travel Theme: Simplicity

With a new travel theme of ‘simplicity‘ and some time to look at my many photos, finding a variety of shots spanning Australia, this is my take on the theme.

A contrast of little and large, taken on Stradbroke Island in Queensland, this day is one of my favourites in Australia.

This was an unwelcome ant that wanted the same when picking seeds on Kangaroo island and an Emu popping up to say hello in Victoria :-).

Some pelicans having a rest near Kangaroo Island and looking out on Cape Otway's lighthouse on the Great Ocean Road, representing peaceful travelling times.

Finally, a last two from my previous destination, capturing new growth of a zucchini plant and watching a fire burn on Territory Day in Katherine, Northern Territory. It is the only day those living in the territory can set off fireworks. Fire reminds you of how small and insignificant you can be sometimes :-).

Have a look at 'Where’s my backpack‘ for others’ interpretations :-).

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