Dislocated Toes, Broken Legs, Ambulances and Birthday Dilemmas

My life now consists of work, sleep and 'to do' lists!! A good memory in working hours, especially for drinks ordered, if I don't write down what I need to achieve in my limited free time, I genuinely forget until I am lying in my bed and then it is too late!! Provided with meals here, very much missing my healthy lifestyle this week, my body is craving nutrition… Already missing veg as a backpacker at least I was managing a lot of fruit… I can't wait to detox when I move on. Two pub meals plus chocolate and alcohol after work every day is not the best….

My week has been one of animal welfare reminders. I have encountered horses being transported needing a rest (who were beautiful horses I have to say), a stoned man about to drive on the highway with a dog tied to his truck running along behind it, an eagle with a broken leg and I have discussed the implications of moving sheep downhill in bad weather with a trucker. In the human equivalent, me and my French friend have looked on as another girl here snapped her dislocated toe back into place! This was both equally funny and horrible to watch at the same time! I have also been asked for an ambulance… I then learnt about the flying doctors and the reality of needing help in the outback. All thankfully ended ok.

There have been a lot of 'are you English' questions this week. This has been met with a no and an explanation of the similarity of the Australia/New Zealand accent confusion! A lot more Irish guesses, every day I am surprised with the conviction and certainty those asking this question seem to have!! In the Australia vs Scotland challenge, I have been asked to say ye olde familiar saying 'there's been a murder.' More than once, by the same woman…! She told me Taggart is her favourite programme… One of my favourite moments, a Scotsman called Jock walked through my door :-). I loved this man! Fifty years in Australia and still as Scottish as anything, he said 'nae worries'. Loved it :-). I have also been asked about geese guarding whisky (I genuinely don't know if there is anywhere in Scotland that uses geese though I imagine lock and key would be safer and quieter for all involved…). Haggis has been talked about a lot! It is making me want to eat it! Scotland perhaps winning over my current location, I am pretty sure it is warmer by night at the moment! The days, whilst getting hotter and hotter here, some nights are absolutely freezing!!

In the drinking challenge, I have managed six new additions. I finally tried the popular 4X Gold (ok but a little disappointing), Crown (must have had the royal baby on the mind! Tasted like any regular beer), Toohey's Extra dry (not the best), red 'smooth' bundy and coke (very drinkable I have to say) and a Summer lager and Carlton Dry lager drank on a busy day of craziness. Both very drinkable, they had an advantage in that I think anything would have been well received that day :-). Asked for a scotch and tonic this week, the first time as a barmaid I have ever been asked for this, I would add it to my list of drinks to try but I really don't like tonic water…

Week 3 of the Drinking challenge!

I know I shouldn't but I have a few favourite customers this week :-). John the eagle man from Wolverhampton who propped up my bar until closing time, a Geordie biker, Billy my horse man, a chatty biker called Conway and a group of deaf people who were signing. These guys softened my heart and only able to remember thank you in sign language, it reminded me that it is on my list of languages to learn. Some nice chat had over the bar, with some of the above forementioned people, this week's most popular question after nation state is how long I am staying here for… I have responded that I am not quite sure. For some I have asked their advice. So far there are people in both camps. One night I found a girl who had had exactly the same dilemma – be somewhere exciting for your birthday or stay and earn more money… She was somewhere exciting… Hmmm. I do believe instinct will help me decide :-).

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