Outback Day Tripping and Crazy Dreaming

I was about to be allowed to stay in Australia for a second year. I had flown home. I was getting dressed to go out with my sister and her friends. My clothes, including my favourite leggings which I wanted to wear were still in Australia. I ended up wearing some of my mother's clothes. I was not happy to be home… I woke up thinking 'why on earth would you fly home if you were about to get your visa extended?!' I very much do not want to be home just yet…. Even though I knew this, this realisation on waking still surprised me! This is just one of several strange dreams this week including being pregnant and walking down a road with a large wooden duck heading in the opposite direction along a zip wire amidst a lot of water that I have dreamt this week. The madness that my brain sorts out in the evening!!

Now past the halfway point of my drinking challenge, I finally managed to try Corona – despite being one we have in the UK, I have never tried it! I know… Served with lemon rather than lime here, I found it most tasty. Trying Victoria Bitter (familiarly known as VB here), this very much grew on me the more I drank! Cascade Premium light and a mid strength Pure Blonde also tried, both were very good, the Pure Blonde is perhaps one of my favourites. A night of wine also participated in, I managed yellow glen yellow and pink. I think I preferred the yellow…

Awarded a day off, me and some working companions ventured to the nearest biggest town. Encountering the first supermarket in a month, it very much felt like it was christmas!! Not so crazy with my purchased choices, strawberries, banananas, almonds, some timtams and necessary toiletries worked their way into my basket. A practical backpacker in need of nutrition I'd say ;-). Stopping at Lake Mary Ann, it was nice to enjoy and not be working :-). Feet captured, with French, Italian and Greeks in residence we shared some cultural exchanges :-). The drive reminding me that I am still in Australia, I sat back and watched the vastness of the outback out of my window… There's nothing quite like it to let you reflect on your journey so far and on what the future may hold…

One thought on “Outback Day Tripping and Crazy Dreaming

  1. very good. Tesco have just announced that they intend to extend the family services available in their hyper stores – restaurants and plays areas etc!!! So you would go crazy there now.

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