What Happened When the Clock Turned 00.01

The clock turned 00.01. I had wanted to be out of work before this but a group of people sitting at my bar and a complicated bar till receipt needing changed held my attention. It had been 'tell me your story' night. We had all shared our stories. I learnt that one man flipped a coin to make decisions. We then had to flip a coin on a few decisions. They all found out it was my birthday the next day. They all kindly bought me an after work birthday drink. They became my second group eleven. I moved them outside. With tills full of change, it took me a while to count them. At the turn of my birthday I looked up. The guy that had asked why I kept looking at my watch was standing at the door holding up a happy birthday message on his phone. He mouthed 'I'm sorry'. 'It's ok' I said. At 00.14 I joined them all outside.

We played pool. I checked in with the world. One of my favourite trucker's turned up. A staff vs trucker pool game commenced. Staff won :-). I sat and chatted to my trucker friend and my 00.01 happy birthday message friend. We were still talking as the sun started to come up. I went for my first ride in a truck! I saw the sunrise over the outback. This was the first time I had seen the sunrise since I left Katherine. It felt a good way to start a birthday. I stood on the highway and recorded a video for my sister. Taken at 11am, bemusedly she told me I apparently sounded drunk…! I think perhaps just a little sleep deprived… I opted for a power nap! This was amazing. I then received another happy birthday from another trucker friend of the oversize variety. Truck that is, not my friend.

For afternoon fun, we climbed a nearby lookout to see what could be seen. The expansive outback was the answer. I was asked my favourite song. Unavailable, 'let her go' was close. Passenger played as we chilled out. We played 'car, caravan or truck' for the vehicles riding the highway. Obligatory foot shot taken, back along the highway, nachos, fried chicken, carrot chips, cupcakes and some shared moscato were on the menu. I saw the setting sun. It was the first time here I have managed both sunrise and sunset in the same day. I skyped my family and a good friend. I spent the evening celebrating with my work mates. I ended up discussing the merits of irn bru and salt and vinegar squares with an Irishman. We also played 'tell me your story'… Becoming 29 was a pretty interesting day :-).

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