Leaving on a Road Train Made of Hay…

My time at Renner Springs has drawn to an end… Negotiating a lift South with a trucker, I swung out on a road train carrying hay! What an amazing couple of months it has been… There are so many memories I am taking with me on the onward journey. I have had some of the most awesome conversations. Met some amazing people. There are some people that will be extremely hard to forget…

I have loved having a glimpse into the truckers world. Many a friendly face and a tell me your story, I genuinely will miss the late night chats and the banter over the bar. Learning some new words and phrases in my time here, 'fair dinkum' (aka fair enough), true and aww man are new favourites. Doing things 'directly' and not looking at people with a certain tone of voice has also been learnt :-). I have also of course spread the 'whaaat' and shared some holy moly's around :-).

With many a story to be shared, some particular favourites include:

  • Nights drinking with Harry's practice on in the background
  • All situations lemon related
  • Palm readings telling me of my future
  • Spaghettini and Greek scones in place of grease guns
  • “I started in nappies” vs “my sister stole my birthday” tell me your story day
  • Mister Eleven's and chicken pies
  • 24 hour birthday celebrations
  • Standing in the rain!!! On a day when I said it hadn't rained here yet…
  • Watching an Irish boy drink a fair amount of sambuca with the subsequent “what's your rego” chat ending in the words “I love porridge” and a thumbs up. Priceless 🙂
  • A very adult conversation held with a 12 year old who was moving to Brisbane who asked me how my day was
  • The night of 'thank you ma'am'

Also to be remembered in the madness includes geese, chooks, peacocks, loose goats, stupid faces, first time vodka drinking, the joy of making lemon, lime and bitters, paywaving vs pinning, chat of breaking feet with one rollerblade and how one breaks a horse in, the flexibility of the word 'able', many a birthday cake, finding the male 'me' of the 6ft 'what' exclaiming trucker variety and providing everyone in the bar with entertainment with our what exchange, identity movies and murders, stargazing, eating cherry ripe chocolate bars (amazing!) and venturing down the highway in search of the stars to find only star in the sky on an important day. Renner, it has been absolutely awesome. Hard to say goodbye, I can only hope that I meet half as many amazing people on the onward journey :-).

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