That Big Red Rock in the Centre of Australia…

We arrived at that big red rock that is synonymous with Australia's portrait… The cultural centre our first stop, we learned of the cultural significance; of the sacredness of the area and the story of its creation. I stood and read pages entitled the 'sorry' book filled with letters sent by people taking photos, sand and rocks they perhaps should not have. I spent a lot of time reading these. Loving the honesty and the stories shared, reading this is perhaps one of my favourite moments about Uluru. A little more of the wise, our feet treaded Uluru's base. We saw people climbing. We were asked not to climb. I did not want to climb. We learnt of its history and were told stories of the drawings in the caves. Its size truly impressed itself down upon me. The sky so amazingly blue, or maybe just the rock looking so red, I couldn't stop looking up. I couldn't quite believe I had reached the centre of Australia… The milestone this marked.

We travelled on for a different perspective. The sun sank towards the horizon. A full moon rising to replace it, it was a pretty awesome sight… A promise made, I shared the moment via video… Less than twelve hours later we returned for sunrise. I shared the moment again. I think sunset was my favourite. Breakfast consisting of porridge on a cold morning, warmed and a bit more awake we encircled the rest of Uluru's base. Showing respect for culturally sensitive areas, winding our way closer to the rock, we glimpsed Uluru's engravings close up. Experimenting, my feet were captured here in more ways than one… One last look over our shoulders, with tired feet we said 'palya' to Uluru and headed back north. Much more than just a rock in the middle of nowhere, make sure you learn of its story…

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