Chickens are Cannibals?


It was like something out of a horror movie… Chickens en masse swarming towards me, noisy, flapping their wings and staring with their beady, orange eyes. A dead chicken lying on the ground, I watched as a hen, perhaps even her sister, started pecking at her… A broken egg on the ground too, it was but a simple snack for the hungry chickens!!! It is new information to me that chickens are cannibals…!!!!

So that’s been my first few days on my new farm, how has yours been?! This time on a poultry farm collecting, cleaning, packing and labelling eggs, after a first day of handling eggs one by one in fear that I was going to break them all, I have graduated to two handed collecting (a bit more efficient and time wise) and carrying seven trays (210 eggs) at a time (yes I know!). A very different farm from before, I am very much loving the fresh air, rolling hills, grass, forest and lakes within the farm and surrounding area. Springtime in the air, with different flowers and birds a plenty, a nice contrast from Northern Territory, so far Western Australia very much reminds of Scotland :-). Staying in the nicest accommodation since leaving my relatives in January, eating some very delicious home cooked meals, I am wwoofing with three other girls from Taiwan. The dictionary back in operation, it is nice to be exchanging and sharing again :-).

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