An Alternative Recipe For Making Marmalade

With an aim to keep things interesting and learn new things, me and the backpack headed down the road to another farm nearby. This time residing in a caravan, I am spending my evenings watching a fair amount of telly. It has been good to check in with the world and hear the news. Finding myself a new sport I found myself quite invested in the moto Grand Prix (incidentally held in a place in Australia I've actually been). What a dramatic turn of events…

In a peaceful surrounding with wind chimes, running water and no phone signal, in my free time I have been doing my best to chill out :-). A bird that whistles the same annoying tune over and over again has other ideas!! Being busy in the kitchen, making some tasty gluten free carrot cake, my new skill of the week has been learning how to make marmalade!


Step 1: Find an orange tree. Climb. Shake to release all oranges

Step 2: Find a sharp implement and cut fruit into hemispheres

Step 3: If clever enough, have electric juicer to hand. If not, limber up and juice the oranges the hard way…

Step 4: If juicing the hard way, take a well earned break and rest your arm muscles. Refind sharp implement and slice all orange skins into nice straight little lines

Step 5: Having just removed all the juice, mix back together with orange skins and add plenty of water. May be useful to find a bowl first… Soak for 24 hours. Have a drink. Watch a movie. Go to bed.

Step 6: Find a big pot. It is probably at the back of a cupboard you hardly ever use… Bring mixture to boil then simmer for 2 hours. Whilst simmering, have a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake that you made yesterday.

Step 7: Add enough sugar to sweeten 360 cups of tea, some beautifully shiny crystallised ginger and some lemon juice

Step 8: Simmer a little longer. Maybe it's time for lunch…

Step 9: Find many empty jars. Wash them. Fill with marmalade. Play 'guess which lid fits on the jar'.

Step 10: Place jars in cold water. Stand back and admire your hard work :-).

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