Footprints In Perth

Perth is filled with a lot of character. There is a cultural centre housing a library, art galleries, museums and the all important free wifi. There is a lane called London Court depicting London in Elizabethan times. The city is surrounded by water. The Swan River and the Canning River meet and provide a very wet background! Two hundred and forty two steps lead up Jacob's Ladder to the city's most impressive attraction – Kings Park. Many joggers run up and down these and through the park. The view from Mt Eliza is pretty impressive. Housing the Botanical gardens, a war memorial, an elevated walkway and a garden filled with words and space for reflection and quiet time away from the city, there is plenty to do apart from jog :-).

My feet, now no longer farm bound have been exploring the city. They have taken me to apparently the only place to meet here – a big cactus sculpture on the edge of the main square in the city. To a food festival and an impromptu pub crawl with an English friend. They wandered Kings Park on Remembrance Day. They ambled through a day of culture exploring the Museum of Western Australia and some free cathedrals. They found Peter Pan in Perth's Queens Gardens! They found a very naked statue on Heirisson Island! They walked through the city at 6.30pm on a Saturday night. With shorter licensing laws in Western Australia, people apparently head out early. Dressed up ready to go out, there were quite some outfits to behold. A lot of tight leather! Left astounded on more than one occasion, is it my age?! Have I been working in regional Australia for too long?!

Whilst here, I have managed to finish an entire book in 2 days. An actual record. 101 adventures that got me absolutely nowhere. Loved it. Pretty cool to know of the places and things he wrote about :). I've had a nice lunch with a friend of a friend and we have made plans to road trip the Southwest corner of the country to Esperance. I've also decided to do something FUN and am doing a tour northwards from Perth up to Shark Bay and Monkey Mia. It is most nice to be exploring again :-).

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