The Bag of Happiness

Today, reorganising, I reopened a gift that my sister sent me for my birthday. She sent me a bag of happiness. I would like to share the message with you all :-).

The Bag of Happiness

This little bag of happiness contains:

A PLASTER to heal you when you hurt

A LOVE HEART so you know someone loves you

STRING to hold it together in tough times

A PEBBLE so you always remain grounded

A RUBBER to erase those little mistakes you make

A DIAMOND to bring a sparkle to your eye

A MARBLE for when you start losing yours

A LUCKY BEAN so you always have luck on your side

A COIN so you are never completely broke

A STAR to wish all your wishes upon

A PAPERCLIP so you are always organised

A KISS for when you are feeling down

What a nice sentiment. Now you can all make your own bags of happiness :-).


(Bag of Happiness words by Leelu).

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