Welcome to Sydney

We descend through the clouds… Water is everywhere. Out of my window I see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. A small CBD by air; the city sprawls out around. Touching down, we taxi, passing water by the runway, the first near a runway so far in Australia. Appreciatively collected at the airport, our path through the city winds through many of its suburbs – the most in a city I have encountered so far. We drive North. I see beaches and house lined hills, pass a Spit and reach a beach called Dee Why. Tree lined, it reminds of Busselton as we eat fish and chips while the sun starts to set. The most comprehensive introduction to a city so far, Sydney is not quite how I imagined. I spend the night alone in my friend’s flat and note that it is the first time I have had more than a room to myself since January last year!

Often walking new cities alone, Sydney is the first that I have been guided by a friend. Harbour Bridge connecting the north and south suburbs, the last stop on the train before Harbour Bridge, Milsons Point, is our exit. Our feet walk the bridge. The left side saved for pedestrians, the Opera house, sailing ships and skyscrapers near water’s edge are our view. Shore bound, we pass the Opera House, walk the botanical gardens then reach Hyde Park. New Year’s Eve banners line the streets. The bustling Paddy’s Market shopping mall seats us for lunch. We eat dumplings, drink jasmine tea and I learn it is bad luck to pour your own tea first. Afterwards, a Chinese Garden draws us in. We follow the road on to Darling Harbour. Buildings, birds and boats, it offers a place to drink cocktails and rest. I end the day exploring alone. My feet take me back to Hyde Park to rest. I meet a friend for a drink at a rooftop bar and eat dinner in Darling Harbour. An interesting introduction, for those that haven’t been, welcome to Sydney! 🙂

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