Kangaroos In The Valley

Kangaroo Island or Kangaroo Valley was a decision posed to me last January. I chose to go to Kangaroo Island. Now I’ve managed to do both :). Both are awesome! I most definitely must find more places with the word kangaroo in their name…

Kangaroo Valley one hundred and fifty kilometres away from Sydney, our day began at Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park on the way there. There is definitely merit to exploring places with the word ‘fall’ during the wet season…! For the falls were not very big… We did however find Yarrunga Valley with a landscape similar to that of the Blue Mountains, stopped at a number of lookouts, found a grotto and got a good morning exercise workout!

A winding, steeply descending road then took us into Kangaroo Valley. It was a pretty impressive descent onto the valley floor. We were introduced to Hampden Bridge. Built in 1898 by Ernest de Burgh, it is apparently Australia’s last nineteenth century surviving wooden suspension bridge. Walking the bridge, I saw people swimming underneath it. Eating lunch in a local Café called Café Bella, we then wandered the township. Quirky shops, cardboard kangaroos, out of date postal Santa’s, an owl marking a spot where nothing happened, a notice on how to open a book and a combined English, Scottish and Australian bank were all found! The town had a very good feeling about it. I could have quite easily spent hours getting lost in its nooks and crannies :).

Venturing onto Tallowa Dam, the valley showed what it had to offer. Awesome views and an impressive dam facilitating the movement of freshwater fish up and down stream, I snapped some funky boats, found a very large goanna and a sign that informed me if I climbed the fence I could face a fine of $11,000! Perhaps not ;). Back through the valley, up to Cambewarra lookout for some perspective, it was unfortunately a little bit too cloudy to see too far. Our road then led us on to some wineries. Well it would be rude not to… ;). Stopping at three, Em and I found a surprising love for unoaked chardonnay, we all enjoyed some dessert wines and plied with so many dry whites at one winery, there was only one outcome – I bought a bottle of a particularly nice Moscato! Trying some nice liqueurs, we also tasted a capsicum flavoured wine… A bit strange, I am still not sure what to make of it… Or what you would serve it with other than stuffed peppers…? ;). Encountering yet another chess board at a winery (what is with that?) and a big foot car we headed back on our way to Sydney. Relaxing ourselves down on the sofa, me and Em ended up watching Thelma and Louise on the telly, which neither of us had seen before. What an adventure they had. And what an end to a movie…! I had an absolutely awesome day. Kangaroo Valley is beautiful. If you’re in the area, make sure you go :).

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