Decisions, Secret Gardens and the World’s Largest Imax

I sat reading over my last blog post and stared at the screen. The words I had written the night previously illuminated in front of me. Talking to me. I sighed. A good friend txted with her own dilemma. She couldn’t decide whether to stay an extra week in Adelaide or travel to Melbourne. She told me that staying would let her spend more time with a guy she had met. One that I’ve met and knew was a good guy. I told her to stay. That people were more important. I looked at my reply. “Why can I help other people so easily and guide them on their paths but not know the way for myself?” I wondered. I don’t know what happened but in that moment of silence, reflecting on others opinions and the thoughts in my head organised into reasoned, comprehensive sentences in front of me I made a decision… I decided to go… Better to try and fail than not to have tried at all surely…? If it doesn’t work who knows where I might end up..? Jumping in and taking a pretty big leap of faith, I am hoping that this ends well… Decision made, I shared the good news with my road trip buddy. He seemed very happy to hear of my decision ;-).

Since making this decision, I have been taking it a little bit too easy and have been exploring the city. My feet have walked Manly Beach in the north east of the city, played pool, tried some new beer and explored the North Sydney shoreline at Lavender Bay and Luna Park. They wandered Balmain and the harbourside. They have found much random banter including avenues named after toothpaste, street art, cars called Madam Lampini, padlocks, tongue like dingoes, a very pink building, busts and some interestingly named shops! They found Wendy Whiteley’s secret garden. They relaxed, ate lunch and finished a book at McMahon’s point. Overlooking Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, it reminds that it is not too bad a travelling life sometimes ;-). On my last night I went to see Gravity in Darling Harbour’s imax cinema. The largest in the world apparently. Wow. How to do imax and how to do 3D Gravity. What a visual journey. I was right there with them. It made me think of my own journey. Taking one last look of the harbour on my way home, all aglow in different colours, I said goodbye. I very much hope to return to Sydney. It kind of feels that we have unfinished business. For now though, my feet are getting a little bit itchy… I am most definitely looking forward to finding out what New South Wales holds…

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