A view of Harbour Bridge by Daily Commute

The view of Harbour Bridge from the train on a usual Sydney overcast day

My feet walk. They wait at the traffic lights to cross. Down stairs, through central station's tunnels, joining the herds of feet pounding the ground, the musician of the day's choice of music fills the walls as I walk. I pass through the barriers awaiting my train. The same platform everyday, speeding away from central station, we cross harbour bridge, looking back on its gaze. Sydney harbour the view to my left; the opera house is to my right. Sometimes I forget to look, other times too busy, on others the return journey reminds. Every day I think wow, how cool that I get to cross harbour bridge with my daily commute!

Central Station's tunnels...

Yes the word commute. Back in Sydney, it surprised me with several potential job offers… Offered one by a recruitment agency first, starting the next day, not having worked for six months and in need of money I said yes. Providing administrative support to a local council, learning new things and with familiar systems to back home, joining a friendly team, it is very much reminding of my job before I left Scotland. Not wanting to spend too much money or gain too much weight (my trousers are a little tighter than when I bought them in Sydney in January!) I have fallen easily back into the healthyness I had at work before leaving Scotland and with salads, fruits and nuts making up my day, my body is appreciating being healthy again. Office banter of course, learning that toasties are referred to as 'jaffles' here and hence jaffle makers instead of toastie machines, I have been also asked about my Australian travels, about Scotland, Scottish 'soccer' and all about Scottish independence. I gave a very diplomatic, balanced response ;-).

Back in a hostel (thought it might be nice to be in the company of lots of people), choosing a smaller, quieter place I ended up in the first twin dorm that I've slept in on my travels. Certainly different from a 10 bed mixed dorm, it reminds that they all have their pros and their cons :-). Seemingly not making too bad a choice with this hostel, I am quite enjoying the cosyness and being able to sit on a sofa and watch telly. Meeting an interesting, friendly bunch of people, including an Italian I helped make pizza (!), with a cool atmosphere I ended up extending my initial two day stay to two weeks… Still there as we speak, toying between finding a room in a flat or something else, for sure this hostel is one of the favourites on my travels.

The pressure of job hunting removed, able to chill out by myself, exploring, venturing to paddington market – most quirky; I found some nice little trinkets. I recommend if you're looking for jewellery and 'something different'. Enjoying Maria Vantsos's pictures, I absolutely loved Vetro e Metallo's copper necklaces :-). So much that I bought a customised one :-). Also spending time people watching in Hyde park and Centennial park, I found a pretty good view of the city.

Venturing to see Noah on cheap cinema day, hmmm, I’m not too sure about it at all. A missed opportunity with the animals entering the ark for sure, not finding it the happiest of films, it certainly made me look at the parable of Noah in a different light… In books, Dracula finally put to rest, concluding that it would be interesting for him to meet the cast of twilight, true blood or vampire diaries, I found the dice man in the hostel book swap which has been on my list for a while. An interesting book… Not what I expected at all. Finding the first 200 pages whilst filled with some crazy dice options very readable, the next 200, not so much… What a trudge to the end… Why so long? Definitely good to roll the dice for some decisions for sure, for everything just seems a bit stupid… Not one of my favourite reads on my travels…

Staying here for a couple of weeks to get a feel for working in the city, with somewhat itchy feet as always, conscious it will get cooler here, I'm in the process of making plans for Cairns to be the next stop on the journey. Until then…

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