Cockles and Mussels and in Need of an Umbrella…

I wake in the morning… I look out the window with some trepidation… The ever familiar sound of raindrops can be heard… My newly bought umbrella has become a staple item in my bag in Sydney!! Whilst still probably a little warmer than home, the relentless rain is certainly reminding of the UK… Making me want to go north pretty soon… I'll wait until I have a little more money to get me there though…

Spending my weeks working and my weekends exploring, I have settled into somewhat of a routine. Tuesday has become movie day. Cheaper tickets on offer at the cinema, it is my night of escape from the hostel, where I just relax and don't worry about cooking. Helping to also reduce my cost per use of my weekly train ticket, I get treated to the lights on the harbour and harbour bridge on my way home. It still makes me smile when I cross the bridge :-). Saturday has become lie in day… As has Sunday… :-). Then I try to explore and see different things… Last week I managed Glebe market and had an amazing chai white chocolate in Max Brenner. With plans to go west down the river last Sunday, admitting defeat to the rain, I chilled out and finished my book instead. Making Sydney the most readable city so far.

The Museum of Sydney and Sydney's fish market my exploring choices this weekend, the museum taught of the construction of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and told how the bridge was catapulted to worldwide fame by a paramilitary horseman beating the labour premiere to cutting the tape…! Hereafter, the bridge became synonymous with visions of 'Australia'. Learning of the aboriginal history of Sydney's land I also spent time wandering through an exhibition called 'Celestial city: Sydney's Chinese story.' Detailing the Chinese Restriction and Regulation Act 1888 and the subsequent 1901 Immigration Restriction Act (wanting to keep Australia 'white'), this Act excluded non Europeans by requiring them to pass a language test given in a European language before they could be admitted to Australia. Funnily enough most non Europeans failed. The Chinese living here were denied citizenship, the vote and the freedom to travel between Australia and China. Many were exiled in Sydney. Eventually phased out after WWII then abolished in 1973, I got back to my hostel feeling even more sympathy for aboriginal and cultural heritage and somewhat surprisingly walked into a conversation with a boy who has been here just a couple of weeks who asked what I thought of the 'British making Australia…?' Wow. I used some of the things I had just learnt in the museum with my reply…

Wandering my way to Sydney's fish market in Pyrmont, joining the throngs of people with the same idea, I explored one of the world's largest fish markets. Many colours and varieties, having been meaning to try since I got to Sydney, I dived in and tried oysters for the first time and bought a fillet of salmon for $6. Not too bad at all.

A nice interjection to routine, on Friday I had a reunion with my Western Australia road tripping buddy Sarah :-). With a lot of rain covering Sydney I suggested Govindas, an Indian restaurant with a cinema upstairs; a recommendation on a 'what to do in Sydney if it rains list.' Offering an all you can eat buffet for $19 there was only one problem… We genuinely talked so much catching up on the last six months we each had only one plate… Madness. Therefore not seeming the best value for money, it was entirely my own fault. I should have booked an hour earlier and eaten more!! Never mind I said… Better to have talked and managed only one plate than sat in silence and eaten four plates… 🙂 It was most nice to catch up :-). The movie theatre was awesome. Comfy Chaislongue seats covered in comfy cushions, we relaxed back and enjoyed ‘The Monuments Men‘ :-). The movie cutting out near to the end the whole room started talking about what George Clooney might have had on his bagel and what was going to happen next ;-). Rather than being annoying it just added to the character of the movie theatre. It is a really cool cinema there. I recommend if you're looking for something different :-). Not overly impressed with the restaurant maybe I'll try again with someone I don't have so much to talk about with ;-).

In other news, a cyclone brewing on the north east Coast as well as a feeling that Cairns will be a money sinkhole has now set in motion a northwest Australia stop next with a view to work back east before flying home in August. For there are weddings and birthdays to be attended to… Informing one of my best friends that it is only approximately 118 days away, this thought is more than a little bit scary!!

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