Stopping Into Coral Bay…

You might be surprised but I've left Carnarvon… A decision led entirely by instinct, helped along the way by the job not being entirely as advertised including the hours offered in the working week (definitely not enough to save money fast) as well as a head not entirely in the right place, I hatched a plan to make my exit… Needing to make some logical forward thinking sense, with two friends circumnavigating Australia passing through Carnarvon, I asked if they could take me to the next stop north on the highway – Coral Bay. On my list of things I want to see between here and Darwin, I didn't want to get much further north before at least seeing if the Ningaloo Reef is as amazing as people say it is (many a backpacker has told of it being nicer than the Great Barrier Reef… ;-). Gratefully picked up, enjoying the freedom of the open road, I added another couple of songs to my Australia playlist, especially impressed with a Dr Dre rap along ;-).

Finding work for accommodation through a helpful recommendation from a friend, at least allowing me to save some money, I plan to chill out in the sunshine and consider my next moves… Granted some may think a little crazy/stupid to leave a job for no job, I assure you there were many factors at play. Some very patient friends all encouraged me to go. Helpfully reassured with “nobody knows the right answer til they try… and I think we're actually quite brave to try every time ;-). Not everybody is able to take risks…” it is definitely a sentiment to echo. There surely is no harm in trying… Money is not always the most important priority… Sometimes you just have to be brave and have faith something better is round the corner… For sure I know I would regret not going more than leaving… Forever wondering what might have happened if I'd just gone that Monday… Not catching up with friends that I haven't seen in over a year before they relocate to Canada… Many crossroads… Many decisions… Yet all part of the adventure… Part of the journey… The possibilities and options that leaving opens up… 🙂 Already, I have been told that I have to visit a national park that wasn't even on my radar… To be sure to hire a car if I go to Exmouth to see everything it offers and that I apparently most definitely can't leave here without doing a whale shark reef tour ;-).

I'll let ya know how I go :-). For now some pics of Carnarvon for you :-).

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