Sunset, Sand and Camels

What a week!! The day I left Exmouth I was offered a job near Darwin, working in Kakadu National Park. Somewhere I've not been yet and very much want to go… The first job offer in two weeks of looking, it was hard to know whether this was a helping hand reaching out… A hand, however, that would require credit card finances to reach with repayment from my first week's wages… Not starting for ten days, it was a bit of a tricky decision… A friend pointed out that I may as well say yes then pursue other options… Excellent point! Guided by a rainbow, I decided it was worth giving Broome a try. Not wanting to get to Darwin just yet, wanting to take my time driving and to just 'be' for a while, a friend made working in the roadhouse last year very gratefully gave me her sofa :-). Taking very good care of me including a roast dinner, pancakes and the loan of an ear, I am most enjoying her company :-).

Me and the amazing Sam

The obligatory CV walk carried out, I happened to get lucky…! I walked into a place just as someone was leaving… Obtaining a trial, I found myself a job!! I'm now working for a company that operates camel rides along Cable Beach. One of the things Broome is famous for. I love my new place of work :-). My first day involved a free camel ride and a free picture!

A.m.a.z.i.n.g. Undoubtedly the best first day of a job ever!!! A policy of trying to do things I can't do in the UK, I think this might top the list ;-). I love feeling the sand beneath my feet every day… There’s something very grounding about working in bare feet. Seeing the sunset as we pack away… Feeling that hopefully, just maybe, I helped someone make some new memories that day :-). Brace yourselves for the camel related banter to come ;-).

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