“And precious as the tear as that rain from the sky, which turns into pearls as it falls in the sea…”

A quote, so spoken by Thomas Moore which sits on a memorial in honour of the contribution of women to the pearling industry. For Broome is well known for its pearling industry. An industry using so many Asian workers they gained an exclusion from the 1901 Immigration Restriction Act. Many pearl shops fill the town centre, as well as a pearling museum and museum telling of Broome’s history. The museum told of hard work on the part of pearl divers as well as of sadness and death. The largest Japanese cemetry in Australia sits in Broome, commemorating the efforts of the so many Japanese who died.

Broome itself is not how I pictured it at all. A bit of an L shaped, traffic-lightless city with lots of roundabouts, day by day it grows on me a little bit more. Colours predominantly of red and green, with the long Cable Beach Coast, the yellowness of sunshine by day nearly always starts me in a good mood for my day. Sunset varying from orange to pink to purple and more, every day I walk away from the beach thinking it’s pretty cool I get to end my working day on a beach by sunset!

Synonymous with the picture of Broome portrayed, I have managed to see Broome’s ‘staircase to the moon’. A very red phenomenon as the moon breaks the horizon, rising and allowing a reflection, an orange hue emanates from the staircase reaching up to it. On my bucket list for a long time, only occurring at full moon and low tide, it can’t be seen all the time… Impressed, my picture of it does not reflect exactly what it looks like to the naked eye…

I think I need a better camera...

I think I need a better camera…

I particularly like the account and images on Linda McCormick’s blog :-).


Broome’s stars a main feature, I have been enjoying their company as well as them bearing witness to my first fishing efforts!! Casting off from port, unfortunately I did not catch anything… Then joining in with the blues and maroons in the pub, I watched my first NRL State of Origin game. A Queensland vs New South Wales rugby style game, what a violent game it was! Got fair into it though! ;-). Good effort New South Wales. Then a new thing you might be surprised with, I have added camel to new foods I’ve tried…! :-o. It has been on my list of things to try since I got to Broome and I had to do it before I got too attached! Eating a camel burger and finding the burger not too bad at all I did conclude that I think I prefer them alive and with fur… They are slowly catching up on wombats and turtles as one of my favourite Australian animals ;-). I swear one winked at me…! Making it hard to pick a favourite…

Spending my time becoming a bit of a Pinterest addict (actually love it), back to playing the old guessing game of where you come from, gaining a new skill of knowing body weights by sight (there is a weight restriction for the camels), the world for me has now been split into two groups – those able to ride a camel and those that definitely cannot…! Who says this won’t be a useful skill in different circumstances ;-). Moved into a new hostel with an interesting layout (a partitioned 24 bed dorm split into four 6’s sold as a 6 bed dorm), breaking my backpack (Lotti where are you? Please come help as you did in Katherine last year) I’m not sure whether to attempt to fix it or buy a cheap suitcase… We’ll see… Til next time… Camel-ing on 😉

2 thoughts on ““And precious as the tear as that rain from the sky, which turns into pearls as it falls in the sea…”

  1. Interesting natural phenomenon. Linda McCormick’s photos show it well. Must be a good tourist attraction.

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